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Learning Styles And Plan For Diverse Learners - 1285 Words

The research has proved that teachers should be instructing and assessing for diverse learners. â€Å"However, few teachers are adequately prepared to effectively teacher diverse learners.† (Edyburn, 2011, p. 38). Professors subconsciously plan to teach to the top students and view any diverse learners as a class weakness or as someone else’s problem. If professors want to enhance the classroom for today’s learners, they must embrace the diversity and change how they think about and respond to the learner’s differences. Professors should be addressing the diversity of learners during the planning of assessments and moving away from the one size fits all paradigm. How do we address the learning styles and plan for all students’ success during the assessment? There are two frameworks that can be used to address these questions which are Understanding by Design (UbD) and Universal Design for Learning (UDL). The UbD framework was created by Wiggins Mc Tighe which includes three stages: identifying desired results or learning outcomes, deciding what evidence will show learning outcomes are met, and designing learning activities that align with the assessments. They treat the teacher as a designer. Specifically, in stage two they cover designing the assessments. As designers of assessment we must â€Å"diagnose student needs to guide our teaching and to enable us, our students, and others to determine whether we have achieved our goals.† (Grant McTighe, 2005, p. 13). A major changeShow MoreRelatedEssay on Diversity and Multicultural Education in the Classroom1561 Words   |  7 Pagesrole in the learning process for every human being. Race, religion, language, socioeconomics, gender, family structure, and disabilities can all affect the ways in which we learn. Educators must take special measures in the delivery of classroom instruction to celebrate the learning and cultural differences of each of their students. As commu nities and schools continue to grow in diversity, teachers are searching for effective educational programs to accommodate the various learning styles of each studentRead MoreDifferentiated instruction is matching instruction to meet the different needs of the diverse1200 Words   |  5 Pagesdifferent needs of the diverse learners in their learning environment. Most learning environments are structured to operate under the principles that learners must demonstrate and perform to a certain level, which is specified, by whatever mandating entity the learners are either employed by or learning within. This entity sets the standard that will signify achieved learning or academic growth. Therefore it is important as an instructional designer we engage our adult learners, whether it be in theRead MoreReflection On Diversity827 Words   |  4 Pagesother’s individual beliefs, cultures, and thoughts. The differences could be cultural, racial, or learning styles. According to Coleman, Lipper, and Negron (n.d.), students who attend school with diverse population can develop an understanding of the perspective of children from different backgrounds and learn to function in a multicultural, multi-ethnic environment. The school where I work has a diverse student and faculty population. It is easy to observe cultural and ethnic diversity in my schoolRead MoreIn The Middle School Scenario, As Per The Case Studies1734 Words   |  7 Pagesstrategies accordingly. Teachers have mentioned during classroom observations that it is a challenging task to match individual learning goals. They also felt that grouping in the classroom brings in the flexibility needed for mixed-ability classrooms. What works with one group of students might not work with the next, which is why it is important as an educator to have a diverse set of strategies ready for the classroom. The very fact that people learn things differently and some students master theRead MoreStrengths And Opportunities For Growth802 Words   |  4 PagesStrengths and Opportunities for Growth There were few strong point to this lesson. The organization and details were strong, but the implication of the lesson plan broke down as the time disappeared too quickly. Also the anticipatory set went smoothly and was enjoyed by all. One area for improvement is to pay attention to the amount of time needed to complete the lesson. Once the lesson written the writer needed to complete the lesson while timing the whole thing. This will allow the educator toRead MoreIdentifying Optimal Learning Modes / Strategies761 Words   |  4 Pagesmoment enhance their intellect by learning and teaching; therefore, understanding and utilizing the perfect learning approaches are sine qua non. VARK is a questionnaire that helps your learning by suggesting the strategies you should be using (Fleming, 1987). Utilizing this tool can contribute people to identify optimal learning modes/strategies in order to increase the effectiveness of the study. According to Prithishkumar Michael (2014) VARK is a learning style which classifies students intoRead MoreKhepera Charter School Essay1032 Words   |  5 PagesSchool only has online software for the math and literacy curriculum. In order to effectively to meet the needs of the diverse learners, teachers at Khepera Charter School should be equip with most up-to-date technological resources. The technological resources should enhance the learning experience of students. Up-to-date technological resources should enhance teachers and staff to plan and prepare lessons, and create assessments and other academic supplementary activities. Therefore, Khepera CharterRead MorePtlls L 4 Unit 009 Essay1347 Words   |  6 Pages009 Oct/Nov 2012 Analyse learning and teaching strategies used in own specialism Strategy | Strengths | Weaknesses | Group discussion | A good way of exploring a topic in depthUseful to assess a learners knowledge and understanding of the topicAll learners can be encouraged to be involvedDiverse characteristics and backgrounds of learners will ensure a well rounded view | Some learners may not feel confident contributing – good ice-breaker required Other learners may dominate discussionRead MoreUnderstanding roles, responsibilities and relationships in education and training1094 Words   |  5 Pageslegislation, regulatory requirements and codes of practice relating to my own role as a Creative Learning Practitioner working with adults. I will reflect on the Teacher/Training cycle and make reference to where my role is relevant and any boundaries involved when working with students in a creative setting. I will also reference ground rules and how to promote appropriate behaviour and respect within a safe learning environment. Legislation is essential in order for a civilised society to function effectivelyRead MoreThe Importance Of Nursing Role In Patient Education1275 Words   |  6 Pagescompetent health educator central to achieving universal health coverage (WHO, 2006). Health care systems have become increasingly complex and specialized, Furthermore, patient’s health problems and its complications are becoming more complex and diverse. The unique role of health education is helping to meet this problems and can be clarified. Nurses involved into a practice that included teaching and demonstrating health care actions to patients, their families, other health care workers and the

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Reflection Of Nepantla - 1048 Words

This new way of thinking that Gutià ©rrez conveys the readers to this idea about Nepantla and conocimiento which she drew upon from writing by Gloria Anzalda. Conocimiento has multiple meanings in Spanish, but can be translated into knowledge, having a connection with others, and â€Å"in solidarity† (Gutià ©rrez 2012). She also presents the idea of existing in a state of Nepantla, which she described as a space with no solid ground, an uncomfortable state, and a new way of asking questions or approaching something (Gutià ©rrez 2012). I found this new idea compelling and an interesting new lens adapted to the idea of equity. The article discusses Nepantla as a state or something that can occur in phases. Starting with the phase of understanding one’s†¦show more content†¦When reading through the descriptions of these core concepts I felt that it was easy and assessable to understand and take away as a reader. It is crucial through reading that practitioners would be able to take these big ideas that are presented and be able to know how they would look in the classroom. If researchers hope to see changes and evolution through their work application needs to be accessible. The largest argument that is made during this article is the awareness of identity and power and the role that it plays within the field and in the classroom. Gutià ©rrez goes into detail about the variety of ways that identity and power and defined and used within the schools and mathematics educational research. Gutià ©rrez presents the argument that identity is only used as an identification marker but should be replaced with the notion of looking at identity as something you do not something that you are (Gutià ©rrez 2013). Adopting a sociopolitical stance would give a new lens to these ideas and the role that they play for our students in the classroom. She presses researchers as well along the idea of how researchers use identity and the role it plays and wh at purpose do they serve as the term is continually used within piece of work. The term power is also considered as a definition and idea that needs to evolve with this new stance. Power is often see has a gatekeeper to who and how students are successful in mathematicsShow MoreRelated`` Border Arte : Nepantla, El Lugar De La Frontera1577 Words   |  7 Pagesbound to occur. Gloria Anzaldà ºa recognizes this concept in her essay â€Å"Border Arte: Nepantla, el Lugar de la Frontera† by stating â€Å"Nepantla is the Hahuatl word for an in-between state, that uncertain terrain one crosses when moving from one place to another, when changing from one class, race, or sexual position to another, when traveling from the present identity into a new identity.† (Anzaldà ºa 180) This state of nepantla is the middle of the crossroads in moments in our lives. It identifies the middleRead MoreA New Concept Of Indonesian Domestic Worker1082 Words   |  5 Pagesexpressed in IDWs’ texts are both the reflections and responses to â€Å"the underlying conditions that describe and prescribe their role in their homeland and host countries† (Piocos III 2006). Additionally, IDWs’ literary activities can be seen a means of personal and collective empowerment as well as a tool to initiate IDWs’ awareness of their agency (Retnaningdyah 2013, Sawai 2009). My study of IDWs’ narratives will differ since I am going to use the concept of ‘nepantla,’ a term coined by Gloria Anzaldà ºa

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Ikea Case Free Essays

The market was primarily split between low-en and high-end retailers. Low-end retailers primarily focused on offering a wide array of merchandise including furniture on the basis of low prices. Aside from tight margins as part of a low-pricing strategy, there were also several â€Å"small-store retailers† targeting college students and other consumers with constricted budgets. We will write a custom essay sample on Ikea Case or any similar topic only for you Order Now Most of these stores were inconsistent with the environment ND displays portrayed, further contributing to poor inventory management practices and below-par customer service. On the other hand, high-end retailers carried either single brands or multiple brands as part of their product portfolio. Most high-end retailers employed expensive sales executives and focused more on offering value-added services including (but not limited to): measurement and product selection, customizable designs for complete makeovers, product delivery and installation, high number of SKU stemming from a base product, and even relocation of old furniture. Quality and service was the basis or these types of sellers, constantly reminding customers that their products would last a lifetime and that going through the installation hassle could easily be avoided. 2. When furniture titan KEA finally consolidated its business strategy in the US by the mid-ass, customers where typically defined as well-traveled, sophisticated yet practical in taste, likely risk-takers, technologically-savvy, and connoisseurs of fine food and wine. Customers at KEA look for a shopping experience that fulfills and exceeds their expectations by finding multiple types of furniture and other compliments (I. . Technician, decorations, etc) that are practical and can accommodate a â€Å"good-living† standard. Aside from fulfilling the need for new furniture, customers at KEA also valued complimentary services offered at the stores such as childcare facilities, on-site Scandinavian restaurants, and customer-service help desks for shopping assistance. KEA open-e nded states to its customers that they won t find a wide variety of same product SKI-I s in different colors or finishes, instead they have room only for what is considered necessary to furnish homes in unique, modern, and stylish ways. . KEA s competitive advantage features a well-defined supply chain strategy that allows for cost-saving opportunities when sourcing raw materials, streamlining packaging and shipping, negotiating In bulk with manufacturers, and promoting a self-service concept at store level. All these Initiatives translate Into lower prices for finished goods that customers prefer. The main disadvantages of KEA are centered on lower-quality furniture that doses ‘t last as long as other high-end more expensive products. Also, KEA furniture is not suitable for people who plan on moving or relocating as the pieces that make a perfect example of what W. Chain Kim and Rene ©e Unbroken coined a â€Å"Blue Ocean† company. The company’s target market is considered to be niche but at the same time oriented at covering the masses and being high-volume, low-price retailers. The customer experience is unique and cannot be easily copied by other competitors. Sticking to Scandinavian-styled furniture helps distinguish KEA from traditional furniture stores while at the same time being distinctive and predictable. Blue Ocean companies such as KEA employ Continuous Improvement practices that allow for ewe styles and designs of furniture to be made available while on the lookout for cost reductions and price saving opportunities for consumers. 5. In order for KEA to continue and sustain its growth strategy and high success worldwide they have to place special emphasis to the following recommendations: a. Expand the customer base outside of established markets such as Europe and North America and target emerging economies that are also looking for inexpensive, practical and stylish ways of equipping their homes and offices. . Offer complimentary assistance for assembling furniture at an additional cost in order to attract higher-end customers who do not want to partake in the tedious task but are willing to pay a premium for the service. Specialized carpenters and contractors should be carefully selected and trained according to company standards. This allows for furniture to last longer and surv ive relocation needs. C. Continue growing in POS (points of sale) in order to cover less-populated areas in current operating countries while increasing market share and widening the consumer’s preference for the brand. How to cite Ikea Case, Papers